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Registration of Log Brands

A log brand is a unique symbol or mark that is placed on or in forest products for the purpose of identifying ownership. In Idaho, all log brands must be registered before use.  Any log brand may be registered, provided it is not identical to, or closely resembling, a currently registered log brand.  Log brand registration involves completing a “Registration of Log Brands” form and payment of a $25.00 registration fee.

Registration of Log Brands Form

Instructions for Completing Log Brand Registration Form

  • The “Registration of Log Brands” form is a two-sided document – use the second page only for transfer of ownership on an existing log brand. Please type or print legibly with an ink pen when completing the form.
  • Provide a written description of the brand (for example, the brand IBSP 1 might be described as “The capital letters I, B, S, and P followed by the numeral 1”).
  • Draw an actual-size diagram, or make an inked impression, of the brand on the enclosed form.  Minimum size of each symbol or brand should be at least one inch (1”).
  • Provide the personal, business, or corporate name of the brand owner.
  • Provide a mailing address (when we send out renewal notices, we will use this address).
  • The Registration of Log Brands form must be signed by the owner or authorizing representative.  Please include your title (if any) and the date of your signature.
  • Submit the completed form to the office of the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices, along with a payment of $25.  The Idaho Board of Scaling Practices will record the log brand, provided it is different from any other log brand currently registered in our office.  A duplicate copy of the approved form will be sent to the owner as proof of registration.

General Information About Log Brand Registration

  • Owners of forest products intending to use a log brand are responsible for creating a diagram and a full and complete written description of the log brand.  Application shall be made on Registration of Log Brands forms and shall be signed by the owner or authorizing representative.
  • All applications for log brands and/or renewals shall be submitted to and approved by the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices prior to use.  Owners should contact the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices prior to submission of the Registration of Log Brands form to be sure the desired log brand is not currently registered to another party.  The Idaho Board of Scaling Practices may refuse to approve any log brand that is identical to or closely resembles a currently registered log brand.  If approval is denied, the applicant will select another log brand.
  • The expiration date for all log brands is February 28, five years after the year of registration.  Notification of expiration will be sent during September of the year preceding the expiration date.  A renewal fee of $25 is charged each time that a log brand is renewed.
  • Failure to renew a log brand, as required by law, shall be deemed an abandonment of the log brand.  Abandoned or canceled log brands generally cannot be reissued for a period of one year (unless authorized for cause by the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices).
  • Failure to comply with provisions of the Log Brands law (Idaho Code, section 38-808) shall be deemed a violation.  Any violation shall be deemed a misdemeanor, and any person, upon conviction, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than $100 or more than $500.
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