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Scaler License

When the scaled quantities derived from log scaling are used for commercial purposes, every person practicing or offering to practice log scaling within the state of Idaho must first be licensed. The licensing process requires completing an application and passing an examination. Successful applicants are issued either a standard (or specialty) log scaler license. Examinations for a standard log scaler license are generally held in the spring and in the fall.

A temporary permit to scale for commercial purposes may be issued to qualified individuals with previous scaling experience. An Apprenticeship Certificate may be issued to individuals for learning scaling techniques, under the direct supervision of a licensed scaler.

Standard Log Scaler License

General Information: A Standard License is issued to individuals who demonstrate competency in scaling principles and techniques. Licenses are valid for a two-year period and must be renewed to remain active.

Procedure to Obtain a Standard Scaler License:

  • Submit the application form.
  • Remit the required twenty-five dollar ($25) fee.
  • Take and pass both a written and practical examination as described within administrative rules of the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices.

Regulations Pertaining to a Standard Scaler License: The holder of a standard license is qualified to scale all species of logs and all product classifications.

Specialty Log Scaler License

General Information: A Specialty License is issued to handle situations where the applicant would not be required to possess the exacting skills needed to scale sawlogs.

Procedure to Obtain a Specialty License:

  • Submit the application form.
  • Remit the required twenty-five dollar ($25) fee.
  • Submit a letter from the employer describing scaling that would justify the issuance of a specialty license.
  • Successfully complete the examination as may be devised by the Board.

Regulations Pertaining to a Specialty License: Specialty license holders are only allowed to scale the product classifications specified on the license.

Temporary Permit

General Information: A Temporary Permit is issued for a period of time, not to exceed three (3) months, to individuals with
previous scaling experience who need to scale for commercial purposes within the state of Idaho. It is issued when there are no available scalers in the area and the surrounding circumstances warrant its issuance.

Procedure to Obtain a Temporary Permit:

  • Submit the application form.
  • Remit the required twenty-five dollar ($25) fee.
  • Submit a letter from the employer requesting the temporary permit and identifying where the permittee would be scaling.
  • Take and pass the written portion of the scaler’s examination, and demonstrate practical scaling abilities in the form of an acceptable check scale.

Regulations Pertaining to a Temporary Permit:

  • Permits expire the date of the next practical examination in the area or three (3) months from the date of issuance, whichever comes first.
  • The scale determined by the holder of a temporary permit may be used as a basis for payment.
  • Temporary Permits will not be issued to applicants or relicensees who have failed the practical examination two (2) or more times until thirty (30) days following the individual’s last exam failure.

Apprenticeship Certificate

General Information: An apprenticeship certificate is issued at no charge to individuals with no previous scaling experience who wish to practice scaling techniques in view of becoming a licensed scaler. Upon completing the apprenticeship, an individual would take the licensed scaler examination.

Procedure to Obtain a Apprenticeship Certificate:

  • Submit the application form.
  • After making application, a candidate will be required to take the written examination. Upon passing the written examination, an Apprenticeship Certificate will be issued.

Regulations Pertaining to Apprenticeship Certificate: The apprentice shall be authorized to scale only under the direct supervision of a licensed scaler. The scale determined by the apprentice will under no circumstances be used as the sole basis for payment.

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