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Technical Log Scaling

Idaho Code References to Laws Administered by the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices

  • Idaho Log Scaling Laws – Idaho Statutes (38-801 through 38-1222) governing Log Scaling (Idaho Code, Title 38, Chapter 12, Log Scaling)
  • Idaho Log Brands Law – Idaho Statute governing Log Brands (Idaho Code, 38-808, Recording Log Brands — Penalty)
  • Idaho Prize (Abandoned) Logs Law – Idaho Statute governing Prize Logs (Idaho Code, 38-809, Prize Logs — Sale at Public Auction)

Administrative Rules were revised, effective May 8, 2009

Administrative Rules Revisions Summary
The Idaho Board of Scaling Practices entered the administrative rulemaking process during summer 2008 to adopt the Idaho Log Scaling Manual and associated rules revisions. This rulemaking became final, effective, and “official” upon conclusion of the 2009 legislative session, on May 8, 2009.


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